Electricity is always a dangling sword. We have found a way to reduce it with the help of solar panels. This will promote the use of solar energy, by giving the subsidy up to 40%. By opting for this process, you'll witness a 90% reduction in your electricity bills.

This will be a one-time investment which you'll get in 3-4 years of time. Eventually, you won't see an electricity bill for 25 years. The process is simple - the solar panel needs to be installed on your rooftop that connects to an inverter. The electricity is then transferred to the inverter as direct current. This electricity then converts the current to the alternate uses is your house. This current reaches the electricity meter, which then meets with the electric grid. So, the electricity produced is then deducted from your bill. Another thing, if you are producing more electricity than needed, the electricity firm will buy your electricity for about ₹2-3 per unit.

illustrake created this animated motion graphic video that explains the Approach of Shashwath Cleantech using modern animation elements.

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