Lockdown has had repercussions on every other human being. People who suffered the most were shopkeepers since customers weren’t lining up to buy things for the past few months. Someone recognized the trauma that these shopkeepers were going through. Today, that experience has taken the form of an Android app. Known as Dukaan, it effortlessly transitions an offline business online. So, if a general store wants to take orders online, they can do so by simply giving 30 seconds for registering.

This Made in India application has been the voice of many helpless people during this lockdown. Many shops were successfully converted into online stores in just a few taps. Their struggle and hard work resonated with illustrake, and thus we supported them by marketing their efforts in multi-lingual videos that were bound to reach the deep corners of the nation. We created a full video with a relatable script that reached many people who were desperate in these challenging times.

We curated scripts for the Dukaan app for Telugu, Hindi, and Marathi audiences so that language shouldn’t be a barrier for any business. People trust a source that is available in their language, and by targeting the audiences for said languages, we ensured that Dukaan’s core concept would reach the far corners of India. So, shop owners won’t have to worry about finding people who would translate the concept in their language.

The app’s user interface is easy and can be understood by anyone capable of using a smartphone. It’s safe and secure, too, which is imperative considering the number of businesses that are registered or will be registering in the near future. The sheer amount a business is registered is rather impressive. It takes months to get a proper license to start one’s dream business, but you can count on the Dukaan app to convert the business online without any hassle. During the day-and-age of in-app purchases or premium tier apps, Dukaan application has no hidden charges; neither does it demand a processing fee to convert your offline business into online. Owners have to select the type of business, the products or services they’ll be selling, and the cost. This newly created online business can be echoed on WhatsApp so that their customers don’t have to download a new app.

Dukaan’s visionary approach and illustrake as a medium have made their service a great experience for those who endured the worst in this lockdown.