These three words define how customers perceive your products or services. It is imperative for your brand to send the right message to your consumers, be it B2B or B2C. We make it happen. Your ideas, our visuals; your aim, our focus. We have all the tools to make your company a known brand. Scroll below to see how we process your brand positioning strategy.



The process of what goes into making a brand involves a lot of complex tasks so that the output is simple. We receive a brief input wherein our designers go through a lot of research that is then poured onto paper in a sketching form. This rough sketch is converted into digital design and sent to the client. The client approves a demo and we deliver the final draft. This is how we bring the client’s vision to life.





Client Brief & Research

  • Analysing the requirement
  • Vision and mission
  • Understanding the business
  • Defining the Target Audience
  • Products and services offered
  • USPs and differentiators
  • Competitor analysis

Visual Identity Design

  • Color combinations
  • Patterns and illustrations
  • Typography and icons
  • Office stationaries
  • Signage & merchandise
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Real life presentation

Brand Name Creation

  • Unique and creative name
  • Meaningful and memorable
  • Domain name available
  • Trade Mark available
  • Company name available
  • Likeable for Target Audience
  • Many options to choose from

Brand Guideline

  • Brand guideline book
  • Do’s & Dont’s of brand usage
  • Colours and fonts
  • Spacing and alignment
  • Tone of messaging
  • Brand assets & media kit
  • Brand storyline

Custom Logo Design

  • 100% custom made
  • Beautiful and meaningful
  • Creative story behind logo
  • Looks great on digital & print
  • Color and medium agnostic
  • Works great on any size
  • Customised typography

Positioning & Strategy

  • Brand Archetype
  • Persona and character
  • Communication style
  • Tone of messaging
  • Brand positioning
  • Key differentiators
  • Go To Market strategy



TAT: 7 days

2 Logo Concepts

2 Revisions on selected concepts

Project files (Ai)

Logo Files: PNG




TAT: 10 days

4 Logo Concepts

3 Revisions on selected concepts

Project files (Ai, eps)

Logo Files: PNG


Any 1 Social media covers



TAT: 14 days

5 Logo Concepts

4 Revisions on selected concepts

Project files (Ai, eps, svg)

Logo Files: PNG, JPG


Any 2 Social media covers

Business card, letterhead design

Future Support

Minimum 5 committed people will work on your Logo Project, 1 Co-ordinator, 2 Logo Design Specialist and 2 Graphic Designers.

Before proceeding further, please read Terms and Conditions


illustrake was established in 2017 with a view for providing services that could match the competition yet divulge in uncharted territories. A logo is one of the necessities of every brand as it becomes its identity. Considered to be an ideogram, a logo defines your brand and in a nutshell, you! A professional company needs to own the title and we will make sure that happens. The logo that our logo designers make, appeal to your brand's entirety so don't go any further than us. illustrake ensures quality design with an engulfing appearance.

We consider illustrake to be at the top of its game in Mumbai as we've helped more than 500 brands get their own trademark. This list of top players includes LOGOS ILLUSTRAKE HAS DESIGNED. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as our digital agency also specializes in web development, graphic design, web design, etc. Logos leave a mark and you wouldn't want to carry forward a legacy that is any less than it. So, we work with all the types of logos to make sure your vision is drawn on a slate.

There are a total of 7 types of logos and you can suit your brand image. If you want your brand's name as your logo, we'll design a wordmark for you. The pictorial mark /logo symbol is preferred by many as it displays a certain graphics-based logo which is an icon. Monogram logos consist of brand initials. Abstract logos embody your business's geometric form. Mascot logos feature a character that illustrates your brand. A combination mark logo comprises of a blended wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. Lastly, an emblem logo, mostly used in the auto industry, is a font inside a symbol or an icon, like badges, seals and crests.


While going across the town, you see over 50 shops with their own logo, be it a general store or a salon. It has become the need of the hour for every business, small or big, to have an identity of their own. This identity is referred to as a logo in the professional world. Consumers get to know you, recognize you, and differentiate between your brand a competitor's on the basis of your logo. This is the vigor of a logo.

Identity, though a basic element, isn't the only ability possessed by a logo. A logo showcases the company's perseverance throughout the years. For instance, Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Washington. Its outlets are now available in 76 countries. Over the years, it has changed its logo multiple times to adapt to a place or catch up with modern times. Even though the logo has undergone changes, its core meaning never left the original representation. You can definitely change your brand's logo if its overhauled, but changing the meaning entirely isn't advisable. So, no matter where your outlets are launched or whether you got re-inspired, the core element should never make an exit.

Oxford Dictionary defines a logo as "a printed design or symbol that a company or an organization uses as its special sign." The special sign should be a take away from this. Why? A brand's logo becomes the firm's identity which in turn gains the trust of the consumers. It's like "dressing for the job you want." People will asses the appearance of your brand and if it feels outdated, it won't instill any trust in them. Trust is intricate, especially when a business is at the receiving end, as once its broken, years of perseverance and hard work are no more seen as an effort by some consumers. To build trust, it takes years but gaining the same trust after a setback is challenging for everyone involved in this nexus. So, all in all, a logo represents a firm whereas, for consumers, it represents trust.

Another significant ability of a logo is a sense of entitlement for the owner. Do you remember the feeling when you had bought a new iPhone? Imagine, how would Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, feel every time he sees any billboard of the products he authorizes! Out of this world, right? And what does every hoarding, billboard, or an advertisement show off? The logo of the company the product belongs to. Promoting a company with a logo, overlooking the status of years completed, holds considerable value giving it a legitimate feel.

Starting your own company is hard. Every aspect must be assessed. This includes a whole list of to-dos to check off. It might be to get customers, launch an Instagram page, or anything that you want your brand to walk on the path of success; without a logo, this won't be possible. Investing in your firm's logo makes taking things off the to-do list a bit easy.

Michael Beirut, a graphic designer who created the logo for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, once stated that logos should be thought of as “empty vessels…and then you pour meaning into them.” There are so many logos out there that don't have any particular meaning but once years pass by, they gain the X factor. For instance, Amazon's logo means that it will deliver to places from A to Z, while Starbucks' is a weird topless mermaid inside the frame. It still doesn't make sense to me but it has a revenue of US$24.71 billion.

These outlined factors make it clear why a logo, a good one, is imperative if you want your firm to take off.

Now that we have pointed out the importance of having a logo, we will build an excellent case as to why illustrake should be your first choice for creating your Brand Identity Design. Tallying the average reviews from our clients, we concur that we deliver all our projects on time. We take the phrase "Time is money" quite seriously. Speaking of money, our packages are affordable. Being a firm that hasn't seen the business unfold, has shaped our ability to think about finance as an aspect.

Of course, all these matters only when the work reflects some sort of quality. Our employees put you on a priority to bring your vision into the reality that could be on the hoardings. Constantly focusing on improving on the final draft, illustrake ensures that all the criteria provided by clients are met. One of the aspects we handle projects is the demos. We believe that consumers should have choices that might influence them for a better path. So, our designers make various demos that try their best to make your vision a reality.

What matters the most after a service or a product is paid for, is the technical support. Rest assured, you can approach us even after the deal is done in case you want any changes to be made.

We have helped over 1100 firms in the last 3 years, to give their brand unique personalities. To achieve this feat, our creatives, strategists, and other contributors put their heads together in order to deliver the final draft on time. Our team addresses the problems without any hesitation, which maintains a single, linear path to creativity. In the face of hurdles - we have an adaptable and flexible approach. This method unleashes our work productivity in a manner that it gives people the freedom to create together instead of in isolation.




We have had the privilege to work with 1100+ companies that don’t follow the usual path. So designing for them felt out of the ordinary. Some of these firms include ShellGlobal, Pitch Ground, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, Kedia Organic, Shashwat Cleantech Pvt. Ltd, etc. They inspired us to keep going, which eventually led us here.